Our Learning Philosophy

At Waterfall Pre-Primary we aim to provide an inspired yet balanced pre-primary curriculum delivered by qualified, passionate teachers who understand the developmental norms of young children. Our teachers guide and ignite a love for learning and discovery in our little ones through meaningful play activities, which aim to develop all the senses to magnify future learning. We believe that love, time and play are the three key ingredients to successful child development.

The first five years of a child’s life are critical to the child’s lifelong development.  Early experiences influence brain development as the neural pathways are established providing the foundations for language, reasoning, problem solving, social skills, behaviour and emotional health. Our play-based approach involves both child-initiated and teacher-supported learning. Children are naturally divergent thinkers and we celebrate their creativity and blossoming minds through fun, child-centric activities.

Here is a peek into a child’s day at Waterfall Pre-Primary School:

The Morning Ring 

Our day begins with a morning ring, as our children learn about the weather, days of the week, numbers, etc. through songs and music; emphasising memory skills.

Focus Groups

Our children work in small, focus groups within the class, where skills are developed through playing with playdough, sorting colours, and threading beads and buttons. This allows our children to develop organisation of thought, as well as auditory and visual perception.

Free Play Time – Gross Motor Skills & Tactile Perception

Our little ones love our school’s large outdoor play areas where they strengthen their gross-motor skills. A great deal of time is also spent at the sensopathic-trays, a tactile delight! Our children then develop tactile perception, and learn about measuring and volume by pouring water from one container to the next.  

Fantasy Play – Imagination

Always a big hit, our fun fantasy area allows children’s imaginations to run wild by dressing up and pretending to be something other than themselves. 

The Sandpits – Discovery, Sharing and Negotiation

Our two large sandpits ensure that there is plenty of opportunity for discovery, sharing and negotiating. The other areas children can choose from during free play time include the art room, the block corner, the cycle track and construction toys.

Language and Vocabulary

Our language rings form an important part of our curriculum, our children are encouraged to discuss theme-related information displayed on the theme tables, where they learn new vocabulary and correct pronunciation.  

Drama and Play Rings

Drama rings and developmental play rings are also incorporated into our weekly schedule. Our day is rounded off in the classroom with a relaxing story, encouraging a love for reading and language.