Focus on iThemba Board Member, Gavin Simpkins, the school Heads and marketing team were very inspired by their recent ‘year reflection’ visit to Project Bright in Molweni.  The Pre-School is one of eight schools Focus on iThemba aligns with.

The team witnessed the remarkable transformation a year post the structural revamp. Through the support of 14 donors the school now has bright and beautiful recycled shipping containers for their learning spaces and an incredible ECD curriculum path.

“At my previous school there was no building, no conducive learning environment and no open space for children to play freely,” explained Bright Zondi, Principal. “Focus on iThemba has played a significant role in everything that has happened at my new school. I received support and encouragement through difficult times and good times – they were my rock.”

Her eyes light up when she talks about the future of her Pre-School. “My goal is to see my school growing and I would like to see my children fluent in English.”

Monthly Focus on iThemba steers an Early Childhood Development and iThemba Scholars meeting where Sharron Lane (Director, Waterfall Pre-Primary), Brad Cooper (Headmaster, Watefall Prep) and Paula Mason (Principal, Waterfall Pre-Primary) share valuable feedback on these important two pillars.

“We are so grateful for the wisdom of our campus-based educational experts,” explained Tayla-Anne Goss, Focus on iThemba Team Leader. “Our journey with our eight Pre-Schools has been so rewarding. We are very grateful that in 2019 we are expanding our reach to two additional schools. In addition, along with the eight iThemba Scholars at Waterfall Prep we will have two joining us at Waterfall Pre-Primary. Many reasons to smile!”


Pictured at Project Bright from left: Sam Lee (Administrator, Pre-Primary), Hayley Dennyson (Marketing Manager, Prep and College), Gavin Simpkins (Waterfall Schools and Focus on iThemba Board member), Beth Marchand (Marketing Assistant, Prep and College), Brad Cooper (Headmaster, Prep), Paula Mason (Principal, Pre-Primary), Jeanette van der Merwe (Principal, College) and Tayla-Anne Goss (Team Leader, Focus on iThemba).